1. Make sure everything is in good working order.
2. Remove personal or valuable items that you do not want guests to access.
3. Ensure the property is safe & secure. Eg. fire extinguishers, pool fences & smoke alrams.
4. Make sure your property is within the guidelines of your local council’s rules and regulations.
5. Obtain property insurance related to guest stays & short term rentals.
6. Write a list of contacts we may need to access. Eg. Your gardener, electrician etc

This is determined by so many factors it is quite difficult to say but generally no more than two weeks. If you already have a listing and are accepting guests the time it takes will be reduced.

Yes we do. Your property will be listed on numerous booking platforms and managed by us! We ensure no double bookings, optimised pricing and prompt replies to guest enquiries.

Our management service fee is charged as a percentage of the net revenue generated from your property. Net revenue being total accommodation charges, less the cost of cleaning fee and replenishments. The management fee for shared income is 16% of Net revenue.

Cleaning fees are added to the management fee and is paid for by the guest. This fee covers the cost to clean the property after check out and the linen fees. We also re-stock kitchen, laundry and bathroom replenishments.

We offer a self check in process and request a lockbox to installed at your property. Prior to check in, we are online and on call 24/7 to assist your guests until they arrived and are all settled in. Our check in process is hassle free and we always get compliments on our awesome communacation! If you are hosting a large group, event or special occasion we are happy to welcome your guests upon arrival.