Many businesses are trying to incorporate sustainability in every area of their business. This is because they want to contribute to a friendlier and green Earth. This practice even extends to the kind of cleaning products they use to keep their business clean. 

If you are also one of those businesses and are looking to do more then switch to green commercial cleaning products. Here are the five best tips for you that will help you choose the most sustainable cleaning products. 

Don’t Fall for Packaging

Many brands only use sustainable looking packaging by using earthy and green tones to manipulate the consumer. Do not fall for this trap. If you want to make your workplace look impeccable, then do your research on the brand.

Check their website and reviews and see if they are what they claim to be. Being ambiguous and vague about their products and ingredients is a big red flag even if their packaging looks green. 

Always Check Ingredients 

Read all the labels before you make a purchase. Look for the ingredient list and see if any harmful chemicals have been added to the cleaning product.

They should be using renewable resources in their solvents that come from vegetable oils, pine oils, or even citrus. 

Designed To Be Used In Cold Water 

Your sustainable cleaning products should pair well with cold water. This is because heating water takes more energy and is a waste. When you use cold water instead you are conserving all that extra energy. 

This is why the cleaning products should be designed in such a way that they work well with cold water. This will save energy as well as make the product more effective. 

Biodegradable Or Recyclable Packaging 

Don’t buy cleaning products that come in plastic packaging. They wither end up in landfills and oceans and take hundreds of years to decompose. Make sure that the cleaning product packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable at the very least. 

This will ensure you are reducing your waste and doing good for the environment. You can even buy cleaning products that can be refilled so you can use the same bottle for a long time.

Low VOC Content

These are known as volatile organic compounds and are present in many substances, especially cleaning products. They become vapours and harmful gases that affect the air around you.  

Therefore, you should opt for cleaning products that have low VOC content. Ideally, it should have less than fifty grams per litre of VOC content to make it environmentally friendly. 

Final Words 

Make your office even greener and cleaner by switching to sustainable cleaning products. They will reduce your impact on the environment while also ensuring that everything in your office stays clean to the highest standard possible. 

Do your part and switch to sustainable commercial cleaning products or choose an office cleaning service in Sydney that uses green cleaning products. We provide just that. For more information, browse our website and get in touch with us now!