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Building Unique Spaces

We restore and prevent any further damage to the original material by utilising the most effective conservation techniques and methods. The restoration steps we take towards each project ensure we create as little to no damage at all to the surfaces we treat, we aim to only remove the necessary layers of damage whilst also preserving its original look. We stay clear of harmful chemicals and promote the use of eco-friendly products such as natural essences and oils to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Cleaning And Restoration Services

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Our Mission

We aim to restore and conserve our current built environment by following the key principles to Reduce Re-use and Recycle. We strive to reduce the need of consuming resources by essentially restoring what we already have for future generations and thus further reducing waste.

Our Essence

Our movement is towards nature based development that is sustainable and conservation-based. We are creating solutions that will ensure longer lasting results that follow the best up-to-date standards in the industry.

Our Promise

High quality results from our specialised professionals that will help create the final vision promised to you from beginning to end.

Our Vibe

We are moving towards sustainable technology and solutions that will innovate the way our clients and competitors think about cleaning and maintenance. Simply by reducing the source of waste and pollution, will not be enough. That is why we are incorporating toxic-free solutions and high tech solutions that will thrive over the years.

Sheree Bazzi
Sheree BazziDirector of Operations
Sheree has been leading the team on-site while also managing policies, procedures and strategies on a day to day basis. Overseeing tasks such as budgeting, planning, reporting and assessing long and short time goals.

Her aim is to promote the vision and goals of Green Corp Solutions and ensure that the company encourages the top performance of each and every team member.

As a strong team member who strives to support the team and build alliances and partnerships with many corporations around Sydney her team building skills have set Green Corp Solutions towards the best possible directions.

David Garcia
David Garcia Managing Director
David ensures many of the daily tasks run by the team are kept under control on a regular basis. He manages the organisation and its operations while delegating tasks and responsibilities to each member. His aim is to develop strategies and business models that will continue to help the business strive and grow sustainably over the future years. His models and techniques not only help the growth of the business but aim to improve the efficiency of our team by utilising the most up-to-date techniques and state of the art equipment that will forever impact the cleaning methods of our clients and in turn improve the environment of their workspace and change their lifestyle habits.

Recent Works

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Clients Agree

“Our end of construction cleaning was managed by the team at Green Corp Solutions and we wouldn’t of had it any other way. From beginning to end they accommodated with our work schedule and provided a range of services that were beneficial and time saving for us. We now have their team providing us with weekly cleans and we are so happy with their work. Thanks team!”


“I first had the team provide me with window cleaning and was so happy with their professionalism during the quoting that I had to have them back. They now provide a regular window service for my shop and would happily recommend to friends and family”


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