Companies’ marketing has become so strong that it can be difficult to tell if a product is eco-friendly or just claiming to be. Many companies want to increase their audience, which is why they claim to be eco-friendly. As a conscious consumer, you need to tell the fake apart from the real ones.

Here are four tips that will help you understand if you are buying an eco-friendly product:

1. Official Labels Or Certifications

Third-party environmental organizations can judge the eco-friendliness of brands. That is why you need to check the packaging of the product or the brand’s website to check if they have relevant certifications and labels. Some of the most common green certifications include:

  • Energy Star (energy efficiency)
  • Forest Stewardship Council (products created from trees in responsibly managed forests)
  • USDA Organic Seal (organic products)
  • Green Seal (general sustainability)

These are some common ones, but many other labels and certifications that a company can have. So, ensure you check them before you buy a product.

2. Research The Company

Always do your research on the company before buying your products from them. Do a Google search and see what the media and other people are saying about their products. Besides that, you can also check what the brand is doing to help the environment differently. 

Ensure that all your research is from trustworthy sources. Keep in mind that no brand is perfect. As long as they are making a conscious effort to be eco-friendly, that is all that matters.

3. Don’t Pay Mind To Greenwashed Branding

Greenwashing is when companies use their branding to trick you into thinking that they are eco-friendly. Such branding can include earth-toned packaging or labels that feature illustrations of nature and other things. That is why you need to look past this and do your research. 

Ensure you read all the labels and do the research on the brand, so you are not a target of greenwashing. If the packaging looks too good to be true, then the chances are that it probably is a marketing tactic.

4. Double-Check Claims

Keep in mind that broad and general claims such as all-natural or green don’t mean anything. They are just used like that because one can’t easily tell if a product is green or natural. If a company claims this without any proof, likely, the product is not eco-friendly. 

That is why you need to shift your focus towards specific claims and double-check them before buying. You can do this through their website or a quick Google search. However, you should always trust specific claims more than general ones.

Final Words 

Utilize these four ways to understand if a product is as eco-friendly as it claims to be. Once you know this, you will be easily able to identify if a product is as eco-friendly as it is advertised. Your shopping will become much easier, and it will be easy to keep a green thumb.