The Rates For Commercial Cleaning Services In Sydney And How To Choose The Right Company For Your Needs?

Ever wondered what is the first thing a client notices, when he visits your office? If not we’ll tell, the first thing a client notices about your workspace is how clean your workspace is. Cleanliness shows discipline and indicates work ethics, which are very important for the client to develop trust. Even for companies who do not have clients visiting them, cleanliness is an underrated essence for success. Consider yourself coming in your office with an unpleasant odor, a messed up floor, or the worst of all being attacked by insects (Further cause of concern for employees who are scared of insects). Also if you still believe that cleaning your offices will just be another case of extravagant spending, then consider this, your unclean office gets one of the employees sick and now you have to pay for medical treatment, which is expensive than cleaning your office plus it will hinder the office work.

If you are still not considering cleaning your office then consider this, research suggests a direct and positive relationship between the cleanliness of office and productivity, and who doesn’t want higher productivity. Now you may be thinking that you’ve got enough on your plate, so you do not have the time to research for cleaning services and which company to choose, etc. Worry no more, we have your back. Below you will find tips over how to choose the right company for commercial cleaning in Sydney to cater to your office cleaning requirements.

How To Choose The Right Company For Commercial Cleaning Sydney

1. Choose the company that offers eco-friendly and sustainable office cleaning services

Choose the company that offers eco-friendly and sustainable office cleaning services

So what exactly is an eco-friendly office cleaning services? An eco-friendly company uses equipment and procedures that does not add to the existing high level of pollution. They use equipment such as vacuum with high-quality filter, which removes and purifies dust and air. They have microfiber cloths and mobs which are very efficient in removing dust and oil from the floor.
Most of the products used in eco-friendly office cleaning services are non-toxic and entirely biodegradable.

A. It protects the employees
The sprays used by an ordinary cleaning service provider in Sydney use sprays that have chemicals, which can lead to health problems for your employees. Because these sprays contain toxic chemicals, when these toxic chemicals are discharged in the air it pollutes the air, causing skin diseases and breathing problems to everyone in the nearby surroundings.
Unfit employees can not only disrupt the workflow but can also bring in the wind of demotivation in the office, thus worsening the morale in the office.
Also if they get sick they’ll have to be paid medical benefits, which will add more costs.

B. We have a responsibility towards Mother Nature
By using equipment and products that are eco-friendly we are contributing towards our environment, so that we do not compromise it for our future generations.
We are playing our part for making our world a ‘Sustainable’ one As citizens of this planet, it is our duty to prevent further damage to it.

C. Enhancing your reputation
As discussed above clients are really impressed by clean offices, what you can do is you can communicate your use of eco-friendly cleaning services to your current and prospective clients.
The expenses of cleaning can be allocated to the marketing budget, as you can market your business as a socially active one.
This can turn into your unique selling point, as clients will feel this company is trustable and dependable because through these eco-friendly cleaning mechanics they are protecting their environment and their employees, thus they will also protect our interests as well.

D. Protect your furniture
Eco-friendly products and procedures are less harsh then their full of chemical substitutes, this prolongs the life of the furniture, as eco-friendly products are not likely to erode the surfaces.
As furniture’s life is prolonged, it means to reduce expenses for the business.
Also chemical-filled cleaning products have flammable properties, which mean that they have the tendency to cause a fire in the workplace, damaging the property and people.

E. Cheaper than traditional cleaning material
It may be hard to believe but green products (Eco-friendly) can help you save money.
They are often less expensive then chemical failed cleaning products.
This is because these green products, utilize less or in no chemical in cleaning and sanitizing the premises.

2. Get Quotations

Get Quotations

For us this may be the second most important factor in determining which commercial cleaning company is best for your office’s cleaning needs, but for many businesses this is their ‘Foremost Priority’.
The reason for this aspect to be of critical importance is that, all sorts of businesses have one common objective, which is profit-making.
Profits have two aspects, 1st being the revenue of any sort and 2nd being the costs associated with the production of goods or services.
How cleaning your workspace can improve the first aspect is already been discussed above, that is clean offices enhance the reputation and increase the trust of a business’s client.
2nd aspect is more directly related to cleaning of your workspace, hiring a commercial cleaning service provider is an expense for the business which means a cost is involved in this service which in theory means that profits will be reduced.
The quotations that you get are not random, they are determined by the service you require, your location, how frequently do you want this service (Daily, weekly or monthly), and square footage you want to cover.
According to our research, a once a week cleaning of a small office (1000 Sq. Ft. Cm.) is around AUD 120-150
For a medium-size office (2000-5000 Sq. Ft. to 180 – 460 m2) it is around AUD 190-220
And for a bigger office (6000-10000 Sq. Ft. to 557 – 929 m2) is around AUD 500-600
These figures mentioned above are just our estimates and may vary depending upon, the service you require, your office location and frequency, etc.

So what can be done to minimize these costs?

A. Choose the cheapest option available
This is the option majority will take, get quotations from different companies, and choose the cheapest one.

B. Critical analysis of quotations.
We would recommend using this machine because if you get a good job done by investing in the ‘Right Company’ rather than the ‘Cheapest Option’ you can actually reduce costs as a good one-time cleaning will reduce expenses for the next time.
By critical analysis we mean an in-depth study of the quotation to understand the services that will be offered, time the process will take, the equipment that will be used, and the products that will be applied.

Search the internet

The easiest tool nowadays to search for any kind of services be it cleaning or any other, is to use the internet.
The Internet allows you to identify different options. What services each company is offering? What clients have they catered to? Their website and other relevant information, but don’t just fall for fancy websites go into details of the company.

4. Search social media groups for feedback on different companies

Search social media groups for feedback on different companies

Perhaps the most powerful tool to evaluate whether the company walks the talk is to search for their reviews on social media platforms.
On social media platforms such as Facebook groups, you can identify which company has satisfied their clients, which company has failed to live up to their client’s expectations, and also what to expect from these cleaning service providers.

5. Talk with your fellow businessman or entrepreneurs

Talk with your fellow businessman or entrepreneurs

If you want to gather data regarding the first-hand experience of different commercial cleaning companies, you can always talk to your business community members, or members of business unions, and federations.
What this will do is that they will share their experience about what was good and what was bad, so you can capitalize on their experience.
Also they may guide which company to opt for, what services to look for, and what to expect.
Once you hear directly from your fellow business community members, your confidence will develop over what to look for and what to choose in a company.
This is the most trustworthy source for selecting the best commercial cleaning service company.

6. Look for flexibility in services

A commercial cleaning company is supposed to offer a wide variety of services.
These services include washroom cleaning, daily cleaning, window cleaning, floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, communal area cleaning, office equipment cleaning, office waste management, or a complete clean package.
You should choose the company which is offering the services you want to use.
We would recommend opting for specialized services as they tend to be more efficient than a company offering every sort of service.

7. Scheduling convenience

Scheduling convenience

We would recommend any business to choose a commercial cleaning company that accommodates or facilitates your timings. For E.g. if you want a full office cleanup, then you’ll either have to choose a company that offers its services after the office hours or it may be more convenient than they do the entire cleaning process on the weekend.
So choose the company that caters to your schedule.

8. Experience

It is often said that one thing that is not substitutable is ‘Experience’.
Why have we included experience in our list? Although new ones may be just as good or maybe even better with new ideas
The essence of any business in the service industry is ‘interpersonal skills’.
The most experienced ones are in the market for the longest period of time, so they understand how to deal with the client, how to facilitate and accommodate them.
Also verify that the team they have, who actually work on the field are experienced.

9. Certifications


Before making a decision over which commercial cleaning company to choose for cleaning your workspace, make sure they have the relevant certifications.
For ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 for quality management and 45001:2015 for environmental protection
What these certifications do is that they attach credibility to the company and it guarantees that the company has proper documentation regarding risk, health, and safety assessments.

10. Best Equipment

Cleaning machine washing the floor in a shopping mall

The best company will always have the best resources at their disposal.
So choose the company by researching the best products and best procedures, as discussed above.
Then opt for the company that has these products and use these procedures.
If you have trouble researching for it, simply ask the companies you have identified if they use these products and procedures, if they don’t then move on to other options.

11. Location


Lastly one suggestion, which you don’t see, being given to someone who wants to choose the best commercial cleaning company is, give priority to companies that are nearby your office.

  • It will make scheduling easier.
  • Communication would be better.
  • Time taken to complete the process will be kept to the minimum, as bringing in supplies and equipment will be quicker.
  • If something does not go as per expectation then feedback can be immediate and the problem can be rectified.
  • And finally, it may be cheaper as the transportation cost of equipment will be lower.

Final Words

To conclude, we would recommend that the first thing you should consider before making a decision about which commercial cleaning company can meet your cleaning needs is that it should be eco-friendly. It is a business duty that protects its employees and the environment. Secondly quotations are very important, but just don’t go for the cheapest option, go for the ‘Best Option’.
The best option can be determined by the equipment the company uses, the products they use, their location in relation to yours, the experience they have, their reviews from outside sources, reviews from the business community, the services they offer, the convenience of scheduling, and they must have the necessary documentation. Once you are done with critical analysis choose the commercial cleaning services that meet your office cleaning needs from the commercial cleaning services provider you feel is the best option.