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Why Preserve?

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The history of a community contributes to its personality. Preserving the history of a place through its significant historic resources gives a community its unique character. Historic preservation provides a link to the roots of the community and its people. Overall, historic preservation adds to the quality of life making for a more livable community.

Eco-Friendly Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Home

By |2020-07-27T10:55:33+10:00December 7th, 2015|Uncategorized|

Chemical-based cleaning products have drawbacks: They're pricey, they may trigger health issues and their manufacture, use and disposal can harm the environment. So if you're approaching a spring cleaning of your home this year, why not consider these effective all-natural cleaning alternatives? Common commercial cleaners are loaded with toxic and

Restoration and Conservation with Laser Cleaning

By |2020-07-27T10:55:40+10:00December 7th, 2015|Uncategorized|

Laser cleaning is the process by which contaminants, debris or impurities (e.g. carbon, silicon and rubber) are removed from the surface of a material by using laser irradiation. This is a low-cost and environmentally-friendly laser application technique, which is in widespread use throughout global industry. There are two types of laser cleaning process, which


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